The following are the terms of service provided by Ayobuy. We hope you will abide by the following rules. Please read the following terms carefully before joining us. This agreement specifies the terms and conditions you must abide by in using our services. Once you register as a Ayobuy member, you will indicate that you have read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this membership agreement and privacy statement. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

1. user registration

A. Provide accurate, authentic and effective personal data; if the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, the site reserves the right to terminate the user's qualification to use the network services;

B, if there is any change in personal data, the member's personal information must be revised in time.

C, members agree to receive mail or information from Ayobuy or Ayobuy partners.

2. membership account, password and security

A. Members will be fully responsible for the security of their membership name and password, and for all activities and events carried out in their membership name.

B. If members find any illegal embezzlement of membership accounts or security loopholes, please notify this site immediately.

3. members who have the following actions will be canceled.

A, members who are detrimental to the interests of the company;

B, the use of membership accounts for sale, auctions, and so on.

C, through the theft of passwords, fraud and other improper means to obtain the behavior of member accounts;

D, violating China's laws and regulations, and violating Internet related regulations.

4. membership privacy system

Ayobuy attaches importance to protecting members' privacy and respecting members' privacy is a basic policy of this station. The registration information provided by you and some other personal data about you retained by this website will be protected by the privacy laws of China. The company will not publish, edit and disclose the personal information of the members without the authorization of the members. Except for the following: 1. Members authorize this website to disclose this information. 2. the corresponding laws and procedures require the website to provide members with personal data.

5. special statement

1. The membership account is only for my own use. It is forbidden to lend or transfer it to another person. Ayobuy is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of the account. Ayobuy has the right to cancel the membership account immediately.

2. Ayobuy only serves the members of this website for the purpose of terminal consumption. It refuses the dealers (in the short term, not for personal consumption purposes, using different registered accounts to purchase a large number of goods of the same size and different yardsticks one or more times with high order quantity, and has repeatedly and unreasonably refused to accept and return the goods) and the purchasers (in the short term, Ayobuy has the right to cancel the relevant order immediately and seal up all the account numbers associated with the member if it discovers that the distributor or buyer is shopping. All consequences will be borne by dealers and purchasing agents themselves.

3. Ayobuy has the right to cancel the order immediately and close the member's account if it finds that the order is obtained through informal channels, such as cash vouchers, coupons, gift cards, etc.

4. If members make use of system loopholes, cheating and other illegal ways to generate unfair trading orders, after verification will directly cancel the order and seal up the account of members, while retaining the right to pursue the corresponding legal responsibility.

5. The order confirmation email we send to our members only confirms that we have received the orders of our members. The order contract between us and our members is formed only when we send the confirmation email to the members informing them that we have sent out the products.